Guru 360 Gutter Services with Free Estimation 

Gutters and downspouts are the type of equipment on a house that perform without too much notice – until they are no longer working. Then it is hard to ignore the pouring water and flooding that can occur. During a storm, gutters can be severely damaged or even pulled away from the roof which prevent water from entering and exiting the downspouts properly. 

Gutter damage from a storm is also caused when hail stones and debris hit them or collect in the gutters. Call Guru 360 Roofing & Restoration to get a FREE estimate on all services. We offer emergency services, and warranties are also available.

Top-Notch Gutter Repairs and Replacements

Damaged gutters should be properly replaced or repaired to prevent much larger problems arising. Gutters that are not performing accurately can send water gushing into the home’s foundation and interior walls. Gutters channel water from the roof and through the gutter system to avoid it from going into the home. 


If water is allowed to go into the walls or foundation it will cause dampness and eventually cause mold. Guru 360 Roofing & Restoration offers a wide range of gutters systems. 

Custom-Made and Fitted Gutters

Gutters come in many different colors and can be matched to coordinate with the home’s exterior color scheme. Guru 360 Roofing & Restoration can fabricate in-house custom copper gutters, downspouts, and gutter guards for your home. 


These are custom made for the dimensions specifications to your home. We will custom fabricate these right in our sheet metal fabricating shop or on site. Copper gutters are a great choice because they will never rust and never need to be painted.