Roofing Insurance Claims by Guru 360

Help With Your Roofing Insurance Claim Process

Filing a storm damage insurance claim can be a frustrating and confusing process. You should remember that your insurance company is in business to make money and may try to deny your claim. So we’ve created a 7 step guide to make the claims process easy to understand.

7 Steps of the Insurance Claim Process

Step 1: Assess the storm damage. Record the date of the storm, signs of damage you can see from the ground, and take pictures of any damage. Search online for news stories of the storm hitting your area, so you have proof if it is ever required.

Step 3: Provide your Guru Consultant with your insurance policy number and your Guru Consultant will assist in filing your claim by contacting the claims department of your insurance company directly after initial storm damage inspection.

Step 4: Request an insurance adjuster inspection. Insist Guru 360 Roofing & Restoration is present during the adjuster inspection. Guru 360 Roofing & Restoration job is to make sure the adjuster plays fair, and provides you with a fair assessment. Remember, the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company and may have an incentive to deny your claim, if they think they can.

Step 5: If your claim is denied, don’t worry. You are entitled to meet with three insurance adjusters. Remember, even a small amount of damage should result in an approved claim. Any type of damage can devalue your home and damage should be fixed immediately before it leads to greater damage down the road.

Step 6: Once your claim is approved your insurance company will send you 2 separate payments. The first payment is the deposit which covers the cost of materials. We will use the 1st payment to start the work, once work is completed we will then have you sign a certificate of completion and request the 2nd check.

Step 7: Customer satisfaction guaranteed! When filing an insurance claim, remember most state laws prohibit insurance companies from cancelling policies for filing claims in an Act of God storm damage situation. 

In most states insurance company cannot single you out for a rate increase. If the insurance company is going to raise rates, they have to raise everyone’s rates in your area. So, if you don’t file a claim, your personal rate increase will pay for everyone else’s claim except for yours.

Insurance Claim Tips

Don’t delay! Most insurance policies limit your time to file a claim

You can’t be singled out for a rate increase due to storm damage

Let Guru 360 Roofing & Restoration advocate for you!

Always hire the best contractor, not the cheapest

Beware of insurance company “Approved” contractors

Always do your homework and understand your rights