Trusted Residential Roofing Services

Guru 360 Roofing & Restoration consultants work with our homeowners to provide you with the best residential roofing recommendation for your investment! Using quality materials, our experienced roofers can handle any repairs, replacement or installs for the roof on your home.

Complete Roofing Services

Our process starts with an initial roof inspection based upon our homeowners’ concerns such as:


Replacement of missing shingles

Rotten pipe boots

Flashing Issues etc.

We will then also perform a Guru 15 Point Roof Inspection of our clients home, to see if it may warrant a full roof replacement. Emergency roofing services are available for urgent problems.

Full Roof Replacements

We help you to determine if it makes since to just repair your roof where you have issues or get a brand new roof at the cost of your deductible! If we find enough damage to warrant replacement over repair, we will provide our homeowners with options that make sense for you and your investment!

If a Roof Replacement is recommended, we will assist our homeowners with working with their insurance company to replace their roof using their Homeowner Insurance Policy (HO3) coverages, to cover the damage that we found on your roof. In most cases the only cost you will have will be your deductible! Guru 360 Roofing & Restoration does all of the leg work for you when it comes to dealing with your insurance company. 

We take all of the pressure of our customer and we work hand in hand with your insurance company by filing a claim with your insurance provider to make sure you are being fully compensated per your Homeowners Policy (HO3). 

Our Goal Is to Add Value to Your Investment!

Guru 360 Roofing & Restoration provides a wide variety of residential roofing services, including:

Free roof inspection

Emergency repairs

Custom maintenance programs

Roof repair

Reroofing via homeowner’s insurance policy

WaterproofingRetail reroofing

Guru 360 Roofing & Restoration is proactive in working with our customers to provide you with the best options for your home.