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Is your roof in need of repair?

Your home may have been affected by a recent wind or hail storm? It’s imperative that your roof is always kept in the best condition. Your roof provides the most essential protection for your home, valuables and family. There is no roof leak that’s too small to go checked. A small leak that has
not been repaired, can turn into major damage that your insurance may not pay for! Missing shingles, cracked shingles, cracked ridge vent, missing chimney flashing, and cracked pipe boots are all major causes of concerns for your home. There is no time to bury your head in the sand! It’s imperative that you act now to have your roof inspected and repaired to avoid more detrimental issues to your home as soon as possible. Repairing your roof right away will help to prolong you roof and prevent further damages such as MOLD!


Ensure long roof life by having your roof inspected

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All roofs after years of use begin to wear down over time which is why it’s advised that you have your roof inspected to insure that you don’t have damage that can’t be seen from the ground or in the home. After wind and hail storms it’s vital that you have your roof inspected immediately!
Guru 360 Roofing provides roof inspections along with professional recommendation on the integrity of your existing roofing system. We will evaluate your roof for any necessary repairs to advising the recommendation of installing a new Guru Integrity Roofing system.
If your roof damage is due to storm related damages, we have working relationships with most insurance providers, so we will assist you with the
filing of your roof insurance claim to insure your roof claim is paid out correctly!

Storm Damage Restoration

We provide emergency roof repairs due to storm damage.

We are Storm Restoration Guru’s

Immediate response to all storm related needs, from emergency tarping to emergency roof repairs. We will even handle the complicated process of filing your insurance claim with your homeowner’s insurance carrier.
After severe wind and hail storm it’s imperative that you have your roof inspected immediately. Your first concern is to inspect the exterior of your home for any visible signs of damage that may be of concern. On the interior of your home, check for any leaks that may have been caused by the storm. Even if there are no visible sign from the ground, of damage to your roof, nor any signs of leaks on the interior, there still may be issues with your roof that require your roof to be inspected During a hail storm your roof may not have any immediate signs of damage such as leaking but hail damage gets worse over time!! Also during a hail storm you typically have high gust winds that also causes wind damage to your roof and leaks to appear from wind blown rain. That’s why it’s important to have your roof inspected by an experienced Guru 360 Roofing Inspector.


Let us replace your roof with the best materials and professional installation of your new Guru Integrity Roofing Package

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When replacing your roof there are many factors that must be considered in the replacement of your roof such as budget, roofing material to be used and selecting the best roofing contractor to handle your most important investment, your home! That’s why when you choose Guru 360 Roofing you will be assigned a roofing consultant to assist you in selecting the best options for your home and budget. Guru 360 Roofing only uses the best materials in the industry. We will evaluate your current roofing system to determine the current condition and expected years of life. We only recommend replacement if it’s needed. Our teams are trained to offer you options that work for your needs and not ours! We are here to educate our customer’s so you can make an educated decision when choosing Guru 360 Roofing to be your best contractor of choice.


We will provide a watchful eye over your most important investment.

Preventative Maintenance Services

Guru 360 Roofing offers preventative maintenance services for your primary residence, rental property and 2nd Homes. We offer annual exterior home inspection of your home along with storm notification monitoring service. We will notify you if your home is located in a storm affected area. If so, we will dispatch a Guru Inspector to your home to do an exterior inspection to assess the condition of your property. We will notify you of our findings and assist you with next steps.


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Gutter cleaning and repair services

Our Skilled and Professional gutter cleaning and maintenance team is always available for you.